Gazebo in Thailand (a.k.a the Thai Sala) for Bangkok Garden

Here are some images of a newly constructed Thai Gazebo (more commonly known in Thailand as a 'Thai Sala') for an Expat residing in Bangkok. The sala is part of a much larger garden overhaul which is currently taking place (more imformation to follow shortly).

sala gazebo company thailand bangkok

The owner of the garden specified they wanted a raised 2.5 x 2.5m sala at the edge of their new pond (also constructed by Pornchai Garden – more to follow), with a raised deck to sit over the rocks around the edge of the pond.

tropical thailand sala design

The sala has one step leading onto the main deck (on the house side) with a second landing deck that sits over the pond. The sala is constructed with a very tough outdoor hardwood, and coated with a high resistance stain to help combat weathering of the wood. Because the wood is of good quality, all that is needed is a coat every 2/3 years or so, to bring the sala back to new.

sala gazebo thai

The sala has also been decorated by the team with woodwork between the columns in the upper roof, and electric lighting and fans will be added at a later stage. In the background you can also see a nice, Thai style bridge, which has been built by the same team, and which is coloured in the same way as the sala (more later).

If you would like to create bespoke Thai garden structures at your home garden in Thailand, don't delay, contact or call 083 885 9304 for a friendly chat about your ideas (in both Thai or English language).

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