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We also offer a range of scrubs and foliage plants – ideal for screening, cover and garden decoration.

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Dogwoods are deciduous shrubs of the Cornus Genus. Various species of dogwood are native throughout much of temperate and boreal Eurasia and North America. Tricolor (Dracaena marginata) is a tough plant that requires only moderate watering and medium light. Ideal for low-maintenance gardens. Bush Clock Vine (Thunbergia erecta) generally flowers throughout the year but is most colourful in the summer and autumn. Ideal as a hedge plant, free standing or in large pots. Once established should require little care.

Size: VariousOrder Dogwood

Size: Various
Order Tricolor

Bush Clock Vine
Size: VariousOrder Bush Clock Vine

A tall perennial grass, lemongrass is famously used as as a favouring in drinks and cooking. Grows well and provides excellent cover. With colourful flowers, this scrub can grow up to 75cm tall and provides colours to greenery. Used in Asian medicines. Stunning plant that has yellow leaves and purple flowers, in the autumn develops golden berries.

Lemon Grass
Size: Various Sizes
Order Lemon Grass

Garden Balsam
Size: Various SizesOrder Garden Balsam

Golden Dewdrop
Size: Various SizesOrder Golden Dewdrop

Brazilian snapdragon (Otacanthus azureus) flowers with brilliant blue flowers. Does well in semi-shade gardens. A low-growing shrub, distinctive for its long, drooping clusters of red tubular flowers. Generally grows well in dry and wet conditions. One of the Hosta-genus, these make excellent low cover that thrive in shady gardens. Hardy and attractive.

Brazilian Snapdragon
Size: Various Sizes
Order Brazilian Snapdragon

Coral Plant
Size: Various SizesOrder Coral Plant

Gold Leaves
Size: Various SizesOrder Gold Leaves

Tough and attractive varigated plant that does well in most conditions, including with pollution and salty sea winds. Spider lilies (Hymenocallis littoralis) ranges in height from 60-70cm. Does well in sunlight and semi-shade and blooms from mid-summer to late autumn with white flowers. Very fragrant. Hardy shrub that produces large, white flowers. Likes well-drained soil.

Gold Dust
Size: Various Sizes
Order Gold Dust

Spider Lily
Size: Various SizesOrder Spider Lily

Size: Various SizesOrder Snowflake

Colourful varigated shade plant which typically grow 0.5–1 m tall. Originally from the Himalaya's, these are very popular for their fragrant flowers. Grow well in sun and light shade. Picara (Excoecaria cochinchinensis) is native to Southeast Asia and China. Grows up to 1–2 meters whilst it's leaves are dark green or variegated on the upper surface and deep maroon on the underside.

Size: Various Sizes
Order Coleus

White Ginger
Size: Various SizesOrder White Ginger

Size: Various SizesOrder Picara

Firecracker flower (Crossandra infundibuliformis) is an evergreen that grows to 1 metre. Has glossy leaves and  produces fan-shaped flowers throughout the year. Grows to about 60 cm high by 90 cm wide with purple flowers and good foliage. Adapts to a range of soils in a sunny or partially shaded garden with good drainage. Provides excellent ground cover and flowers with white flowers, Mondo grass grows well in full sun or partial shade and has leaves about 30cm long.

Firecracker Flower
Size: Various Sizes
Order Firecracker Flower

False Heather
Size: Various SizesOrder False Heather

Mondo Grass
Size: Various SizesOrder Mondo Grass

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