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We stock a wide range of creeping and climbing plants, ideal for trellis, pergola or awnings. If there is a specific variety that you’d like that is not listed on this page, then please email

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Coral Vine (Antigonon leptopus) is a fast growing climbing vine that is able to reach 6 metres or more in length and produces pink or white flowers. Devil's Ivy (Epipremnum aureum) is an evergreen vine growing to 20m. Grows extremely well in Thailand's climate. Ylang Ylang (Artabotrys odoratissimus) is a climber that is a member of the custard-apple family. Grows to 2-3.5m, its flowers give a strong scent.

Coral Vine
Size: Various Sizes
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Devil’s Ivy
Size: Various SizesOrder Devil's Ivy

Ylang Ylang
Size: Various SizesOrder Ylang Ylang

Bourgainvillea is a tough climber that can grow up to 12m long. Popular for its abundant flowers. Deep Rose, also known of as Morning Glory (Ipomoea nil), is an attractive ornamental vine that grows well up trellis' and arches. Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) is favoured for its resilience and it's fragrant flowers, which are used in Thailand for scented incense.

Size: Various Sizes
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Deep Rose
Size: Various SizesOrder Deep Rose

Star Jasmine
Size: Various SizesOrder Star Jasmine

Ivy Gourd (Coccinia grandis) is popular as a foodstuff in Thailand. For gardens it's thick growth, extreme toughness and pretty white flowers make it popular for trellis screens and fences. Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides) grows on trees and absorbs its nutrients and water from the air. Spanish moss also greatly strengthens the host trees resistance to strong winds. Rangoon Creeper (Quisqualis indica) is a vine that that can reach from 2.5 metres to up to 8 metres. With its clusters of red flowers it is a popular climber for ornamental gardens.

Ivy Gourd
Size: Various Sizes
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Spanish Moss
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Rangoon Creeper
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