Transformed Garden in Bang Na, Bangkok

The Thai Garden Design team recently transformed this bare garden into something special for the family of an expat working abroad. The home was recently acquired and the owner wanted to ensure his family in Thailand could enjoy the garden. As can be seen from the below picture, there wasn’t much of a garden before.

new garden landscape bangkok

The contents of the new garden would be varied. Grass was to be left along some sections at the front of the house, but as the owner wanted a garden with little to no maintenance, rock gardens and robust shade plants were planned and installed around the other three sides. A slate stone and stone wash water feature was also part of the design, being in full view of a large side window, and constructed so that only a gentle water flow setting was included. 

tropical rock garden and water feature

Various coloured stones, pavers and rocks were cleverly used to ensure the garden has points of interest throughout, and the plant selection is also colourful and varied.

colourful rock gardens asia

To ensure even lower maintenance, the team installed an automatic sprinkler system, to ensure the whole garden would be watered in the event of the family not being at the home. This was set to come on three times per day, for a few minutes per session. Overall the family were thrilled with their new garden, which they can enjoy for many years as it ages and grows.

tropical landscaping asia

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1 thought on “Transformed Garden in Bang Na, Bangkok”

  1. Still looks great & spent many happy hours sat outside just listening to the trickle of water.
    Thanks again for a great job

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