Sloping Tropical Stream Built with Natural Rock

The Thai Garden Design crew recently devised and installed this natural rock stream, to create something beautiful to look at from the house terrace at the top of the slope.

stream design thai garden

The garden slopes down, towards the neighbours house, and therefore the space remained unused. By constructing a cascading stream, this gave opportunity to create several levels where the team could build small waterfalls, as the water makes it's way down the slope. With tropical planting at both sides, the team ensured the new stream would leave a lasting impression on all who see it.

bangkok gardens and waterfall

(Pic above: Looking downstream) There is a main pond at the bottom, to keep fish and water plants. All sides of the new pond are topped with natural rock, with the water circulating back up to the head of the pond to the waterfall.

garden design and water features

(Pic above: Looking upstream) If you are interested in converting your unused garden space into something beautiful, email for a chat about your requirements and ideas.

thai garden designs

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