Sand wash Terrace in Thai Courtyard

A client in Bangkok wanted a new patio for their courtyard. The decking before was very worn and damaged by the weather, and so this was completely removed.

sand wash patio thailand

Reluctant to replace with more wooden decking, the client wanted something that insects and snakes couldn't live under, and so Thai Garden Design replaced the entire courtyard with a sand wash patio, a durable and decorative concrete finish. With a sand wash finish, the customer also has the choice of which stones will be set into the top concrete layer.

river pebble and sand wash patio

In this example, the client opted for a river pebble stone finish around the borders, with a normal sand wash stone fill throughout. Ceramic tiles were also inset at different points around the terrace and some broken ceramic mosaics created on the top layer.

The client now has a finished, durable courtyard terrace, where bugs and insects can no longer get underneath as they could previously with the wooden deck. The colour of the sand wash is also matched with the surrounding beige tiled patio, and is very easy to walk on in barefoot and is non slippery when wet.

thailand patio sandwash terrace

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  1. We have a large terrace of similar sandwash in our Rawai garden. How do we clean this? After heavy rain it is stained with deposits. Pressure washing helps but does not remove all the staining, Household bleach does not work. Would oxalic acid help?

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