Rock Garden with Tropical Planting in Bangkok

A common and interesting problem to solve in many urban and rural gardens – What to do with dull, patchy ground, found in heavily shaded areas, under trees or behind houses? Thai Garden Design were recently contacted by a Bangkok customer to come up with a solution for a large part of their garden, which over the years became unused, trodden down and empty of life.

tropical rockery garden in thailand home

The first thing was to cut back the heavy branches of the surrounding trees; allowing enough filtered light into the space – so appropriate plants were able to thrive.

tropical style rock garden

Once this was completed, the surrounding ground was prepared for a walkway of flagstones, which were to curve around an existing tree, from one end of the garden to another. Planting was planned around the pathway to create a tropical jungle style of different colours, patterns and foliage plants that would successfully bloom over time.

landscaping in bangkok

Larger than normal pebble stones were added around the edges of the flagstones, and themselves created excellent retainers for the planting beds, as well as being too large for the owners dogs to 'kick up' when they were charging around the garden.

garden designed in bangkok

In the end, the finished rock garden is a successful mix of low and medium foliage, creating a great nook for visitors, and a nice view from the main home.

thai style rockery garden bangkok

Do you have an area of your Thai garden that needs improving? Or a new landscape that needs a designers touch? If so, don't delay, email for a friendly consultation about your garden in Thailand.

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