Improving your Tropical Garden Beds

Thai Garden Design recently visited an expat based in Hua Hin, who was having problems with what to do with the tropical garden beds surrounding their pool in their back garden. Over time the existing plants were rapidly spreading across the planting area, looking choppy and messy, even with regular cutting.

tropical garden beds

(picture above: this bright pandanus tectorius is taking over the beds) The team at Thai Garden Design visited and proposed a new planting scheme that wouldn't overtake the beds, and which could deal with the high exposure levels to the sun. They also replaced some of the hedge plants with a new more suitable variety, which looked nicer and is easier to maintain.

tropical plants of thailand

(picture above: Baby Juniperus Chinensis trees stand above the new planting scheme, brightened up by the zesty Pandanus amaryllifolius and new rounded brown pebbles) If you look at your Thai Garden and are a little confused with how to improve it, contact for a consultation on how best to improve your planting beds / and garden in Thailand.

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