Rock and Pebble Garden Renovation for Bangkok House …

The Thai Garden Design team just finished renovating this Bangkok home, which was in need of a quick transformation for an up-and-coming family event.

From Old to New, A Different Garden Entirely …

Being on a tight deadline, the design and implementation was key. The team visited and made several plans, which helped the owners decide on their preferred approach, a new widespread rock and pebble garden design. The team were booked.

A Huge Change …

All parts of landscape needed re-leveling and new earth installed. Grading sand was used along with anti-weed geo textile for the rock garden areas.

Modern and Low Maintenance

A low maintenance plant list was designed and planted, along with new random cut stone pathways, and feature trees.

A Brand New Look to Impress Guests

Overall the family were thrilled with the final garden, which took just under a week to completely transform. Another win for the Team at Thai Garden Design, and a beautiful new rock and pebble garden design for the owners.

A Thai Garden to be Proud of …

If you are in the market to complete renovate your existing garden, talk to us, we offer a comprehensive design and installation service, along with maintenance tips and advice. Contact Thai Garden Design today.


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