Fantastic Indoor Plant Design, at D’ark Icon Siam in Bangkok …

Fabulous Interior at D’ark Icon Siam

The team at D’ark wanted some wow statement plants and pots that could really set off the new interior, adding a splash of tropical green and creating a nice ambiance for customers at the new venture. The team at Thai Garden Design once again partnered with D’ark, this time at their new restaurant at the newly launched Icon Siam mall, at Chareonkrung Road, Bangkok.

Some Indoor Plant Varieties

The Thai Garden Design team advised on and sourced many different types of pots, canisters and feature plants and trees to meet the brief, and the final set up is a real-eye catching success!

Wonderful ‘Statement’ Plants for this New Venture …

The indoor plant design will help to wow D’ark customers (along with their amazing coffee and food selection!). Thai Garden Design have detailed knowledge of usable and maintainable indoor plants, which are great for air cleanliness and adding life to indoor spaces. If you have a new restaurant, or indoor plant design requirement, contact us at Thai Garden Design.


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