Rejuvinate your Tropical Garden in Bangkok with Thai Garden Design

Now we are coming to the end of the rainy season, and beginning of the cool season, maybe it is a good time to invest some thought into rejuvinating your Thai garden. Below is an example of recent work taken on by the Thai Garden Design team, who visited an expat home in Sathorn where the garden was in need of some expert attention. The existing garden has an abundance of plants and colour, but was untidy and without arrangement. The team began by clearing away all the unwanted or unnattractive foliage and by installing new a new tropical planting plan.

tropical garden installation team bangkok thailand

The owner of the home was very clear on the specific plants he liked, and these were sourced and supplied by the team. The garden measured around 20.0m across, and is not a small space, so the team also sourced some larger tree types and foliage plants to block ugly wall space, and create and add more greenerywhen viewed from the house terraces.

tropical garden designer thailand

Finally, a dry area that regularly experiences poor grass growth was terraced over with laterite brick. The rest of the grass was removed, the ground was re-worked, and a layer of grading sand added, with a new grass lawn installed and rolled.

garden improvements thailand bangkok

The new garden is a real sight to behold, and a vast improvement on the old garden. If you would like to make significant changes and improvements to your garden in Thailand, contact us at Thai Garden Design for a friendly consultation, design service and advice, and professional installation.

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