Rooftop Garden Refresh in Bangkok, by Thai Garden Design

Do you have access to a rooftop space that isn't meeting it's full potential? Thai Garden Design were contacted by a customer in Bangok who had access to an upper roof terrace which was in serious need of a clean-up and garden re-fit.

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Old bushes, pots and shrubs had been left to survive the elements on their own, and over time this meant the roof top had been left derilict and in a bit of a mess. The Thai Garden Design team visited and made a proposal which included a full clean up of all the unwanted material, plus installation of a army of low maintenance plants which would transform the look and feel of the rooftop completely.

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A fake timber (composite wood) wall was also designed and installed to cover an existing unsightly wall, which also makes a big difference. After a good clean up and planting, this rooftop terrace is looking a hundred times more appealing.

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The owners were thrilled with the results and can now enjoy extra garden space from their condo below.

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If you have a garden in Thailand and are in need of help, contact us at Thai Garden Design for more information on how to improve / design / install your perfect Thai garden!

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  1. I love the final results! It looks like they are completely different roofs! You inspired me to renovate the roof of our building!

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