Map Ta Phut Medical Centre Garden by Pornchai

Pornchai Garden were contracted to complete the landscaping and garden design work at the Map Ta Phut Medical Centre in Rayong. The new centre is Thailand's first occupational and environmental health hazard medical centre.

Before the opening ceremony could take place, drastic work was required on the centre's garden to ensure it was attractive for the opening ceremony on January 16th.

thai hospital garden rayong

Initially, the new centre had no garden; just empty ground, with clumps of hardcore and compacted rock and soil. The Pornchai team first worked to break up the land, and rid the soil of all the unnecessary debris. They then concentrated on improving the soil so that it could be properly utilised as a landscaping base.

Heavy grassing and planting were installed around the entire entrance of the centre, which had to look prestine as the opening ceremony was to include top Thai officials, among them Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, who would officially open the new centre.

improved garden landscape thailand

thai garden designer

A new planting scheme and design were placed on top of the new improved soil and grass, ensuring that the entire frontage of the building was radically altered from before.

New palm trees, and low lying foliage all helped to give the new centre and garden area a much needed facelift.

On January 16th, the Map Ta Phut Medical Centre was officially opened by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, with a new and fresh garden landscape, designed, provided and installed by the Pornchai Garden team (read report here on opening of Map Ta Phut)

abhisit rayong medical centre garden

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