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New Thai Garden designed by Pornchai Garden for housing development in Suphanburi

New Thai Garden House Design
Pornchai Gardens have been asked to create the gardens around several large houses on a new housing estate in Suphan.
Although the houses are attractive and well built, they do look a little bare without any discernable garden.
We began by producing a full 3D image of the design area for the client to help decide which plants would be desirable.
The client […]

Designing your Thai Garden with Features….

Thai garden and features
Gardens should be a place to sit and relax in as well as work in, and
features are often a good way of making your garden a more practical
place to be, as well as adding beauty and letting your imagination run
Whether you plan a water feature such as a pond or water fall, or you would like a sheltered […]

Sloping and Shaped Gardens in Thailand

Sloping and Shaped Thai gardens
Although sloping gardens are slightly more difficult to plan on paper, the drawbacks can be turned into advantages. The differences in level changes and perception can add interest, and are excellent for things like rock gardens and cascading streams.
Pornchai Gardens can assist you with sloping designs are also with re-landscaping your garden if required.
Similarly, if […]

Formal and Informal Thai Garden Design

Formal Thai Gardens and Informal Thai Gardens
If you are the type of person that prefers tidyness and order, you would probably be more suited to a more formal style of garden.
Formal gardens usually take a little more maintenance but are perfect for the more involved gardener. It is essential at the early stages of the design to decide […]

Contemporary Thai Garden Design

Modern Thai Garden Design
Our goal is to help you attain your perfect outdoor space.
Successful, contemporary garden design utilises natural materials, innovative planting and practical methods to create beautiful, timeless landscapes.
The garden is such an important physical space, yet, few of us are totally content with our gardens. Pornchai Gardens aim to make the very most of your garden space. […]

The Thai Tropical Garden

The Thai Tropical Garden
Contemporary tropical gardens are a blend of contrasting effects; both contained and ordered with wild-looking areas, sun and shade, hot and cool.
The best tropical gardens are well designed so that a slowly maturing but essentially unchanging design is achieved. Densely populated beds can be separated by well trimmed grass to create impact and size, large tropical plants […]

Colonial ‘Thai’ Style Gardens

Colonial Style Gardens in Thailand
Over the ages, both urban and private gardens planted by European settlers in various colonial locations have drawn their inspiration from the landscapes of home.
Here at Pornchai, our experience in garden design allow us to know that even the most unruly of tropical shrubs can be grown in a stunning visual order when arranged in […]

The Low Maintenance Garden in Thailand

Low Maintenance Thai Garden
Low maintenance gardens can still be high impact, and just as stylish as gardens that demand more attention. This style of gardening is fantastic for people with busy work and social lives who want a stunning garden but simply don’t have the time to devote to a regular watering or mowing routine.
Low maintenance gardens have many advantages. […]

Religious and Royal Gardens in Thailand

Religious and Royal Gardens in Thailand
The very earliest gardens were constructed within religious compounds and on the grounds of royal palaces. Although much of this was borne from a simple desire for beautiful surroundings, tradition and symbolism are also factors.
Many Asian Buddhist, Hindu and Chinese gardens, given the climate, incorporate pools, fountains and water-fall features for decoration and […]

Botanical Gardens in Thailand

Botanical Gardens in Thailand
Botanical gardens were originally invented to assist in scientific research. Tropical botanical gardens also played a major role in the dispersal of ornamental plants throughout the world.
The first botanical garden created in the tropics was Pamplemousses, established on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius in 1735. As the Europeans began to collect more and more colonial possessions, botanical […]


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