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Colonial ‘Thai’ Style Gardens

Colonial Style Gardens in Thailand
Over the ages, both urban and private gardens planted by European settlers in various colonial locations have drawn their inspiration from the landscapes of home.
Here at Pornchai, our experience in garden design allow us to know that even the most unruly of tropical shrubs can be grown in a stunning visual order when arranged in familiar […]

The Low Maintenance Garden in Thailand

Low Maintenance Thai Garden
Low maintenance gardens can still be high impact, and just as stylish as gardens that demand more attention. This style of gardening is fantastic for people with busy work and social lives who want a stunning garden but simply don’t have the time to devote to a regular watering or mowing routine.
Low maintenance gardens have many advantages. […]

Religious and Royal Gardens in Thailand

Religious and Royal Gardens in Thailand
The very earliest gardens were constructed within religious compounds and on the grounds of royal palaces. Although much of this was borne from a simple desire for beautiful surroundings, tradition and symbolism are also factors.
Many Asian Buddhist, Hindu and Chinese gardens, given the climate, incorporate pools, fountains and water-fall features for decoration and […]

Botanical Gardens in Thailand

Botanical Gardens in Thailand
Botanical gardens were originally invented to assist in scientific research. Tropical botanical gardens also played a major role in the dispersal of ornamental plants throughout the world.
The first botanical garden created in the tropics was Pamplemousses, established on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius in 1735. As the Europeans began to collect more and more colonial possessions, botanical […]

Pornchai Gardens complete work at Bang Kapi Government School

Thai Landscape Gardening Complete in Bangkok
Pornchai Gardens have just completed landscape work at the Bang Kapi Government School in Bangkok.
The school needed a landscaping makeover to their front compound, including a new surface to their pond area and replanting around three of their offices.
The school also was experiencing the build up of rain water at the front gates, […]

What Can We Do?

Together we can make a difference….

Thai Garden Design can help you to completely offset your carbon dioxide emissions. Each of us everyday are responsible for helping to release carbon into our atmosphere, even the little things, like when we turn on the lights at home, or put on the washing machine, or when we drive to work.
These little things all add up and are helping to increase carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere, increasing global warming.
So, what can we […]

Looking after our Environment

We are all now very aware of the effect people’s everyday lives have on our environment.
Human behaviour has had an impact on our planets atmosphere. The addition of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels has lead to a warming of the earth’s temperatures. No one is totally sure on the impact increased carbon levels will have on the earth, but it is wise to limit these carbon emissions and protect our environment.
Carbon dioxide is […]

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Our Client Testimonials

A Handful of Testimonials
>> Tanabe, Bangkok (job here) “I engaged Thai Garden Design (TGD) for a decidedly less than glamorous, rescue mission–complete a landscape project already in progress, not yet finished. The previous unscrupulous, Thai designer/contractor with no moral and professional integrity abandoned the project mid-steam, without warning or reason. Of course, this was after them delivering far less output versus progress payments made, and not always to the agreed design and materials spec. I’d be happy to divulge that […]

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Contact Pornchai Garden now to discuss your Thai garden or landscaping project requirements, and we will book you in for a free consultation and quotation. We can communicate in both English and Thai.
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