Ongoing Projects

Thai Garden Design Complete Garden at the Ayutthaya Council

The team at Thai Garden were pleased to announce that work at the prestigious Ayutthaya Council offices has been completed.
The Mayor of Ayutthaya commissioned the team for the landscape redevelopment and redesign of the grounds.
The Ayutthaya Council offices are located on a large expanse of land near to the famous Ayutthaya temples, popular with tourists and visitors to Thailand.
The grounds of the […]

Thai garden experts re-design Cafe Amazon in Suphanburi

Cafe Amazon in Thailand
Pornchai Garden have been given the opportunity to show their skills by partnering with PTT, the popular petrol station franchise, who have asked them to re-design and landscape the grounds around their Cafe Amazon in Suphanburi, in order to win a nationwide competition for the 'best designed and most attractive petrol station'.
The competition results will […]

Bangkok Thonburi University get Landscaping Makeover

Pornchai Garden have partnered with Bangkok Thonburi University.
The partnership will see Pornchai Garden manage the design and build of the new Universities grounds located in Bangkok.
Somjit Kowtho, Founder of Pornchai Garden said 'We are extremely pleased to assist Bangkok Thonburi University in their goal to become one of the leading Universities in the capital.'
Pornchai Garden will be redeveloping the entire grounds of the new University, helping to attract new students and improve the environment.
Included in the build – a proposed, […]

Kor Gao Rice Plant – Thai Garden Design perform complete landscape makeover

Landscaping at Thai factory The Koh Gao Rice Plant is a massive rice plant on the outskirts of Suphanburi. The entire job has taken the team at Thai Garden  Design three months to complete. The rice plant before the transformation was basically dirt track, road and dust.
Now, the landscape gardening team at TGD have turned this once bland and dull premises […]

Suphanburi Hospital delighted with new Thai garden

In August 2008, Suphanburi Hospital asked Pornchai Garden to completely re-landscape and design their relaxation garden.
The garden was in a mess. There were huge boulders dotted around which were unsightly, a huge water pot that served no purpose, as well as abundant weeds and overgrown foliage. The garden also lacked any seating and no walking areas or pavements.
Completely new Thai garden

Magic in your Thai garden

A Norwegian client who has purchased land in a new housing development in the North of Suphanburi has asked us to create and build a new design for his front and back garden.
Why not think about a new Thai garden?
The garden was in need of attention see after pics here
The garden was initially bare with dry soil.
This fairly straightforward job illustrates clearly how a fresh, […]

New Thai Garden designed by Pornchai Garden for housing development in Suphanburi

New Thai Garden House Design
Pornchai Gardens have been asked to create the gardens around several large houses on a new housing estate in Suphan.
Although the houses are attractive and well built, they do look a little bare without any discernable garden.
We began by producing a full 3D image of the design area for the client to help decide which plants would be desirable.
The client […]

Designing your Thai Garden with Features….

Thai garden and features
Gardens should be a place to sit and relax in as well as work in, and
features are often a good way of making your garden a more practical
place to be, as well as adding beauty and letting your imagination run
Whether you plan a water feature such as a pond or water fall, or you would like a […]

Sloping and Shaped Gardens in Thailand

Sloping and Shaped Thai gardens
Although sloping gardens are slightly more difficult to plan on paper, the drawbacks can be turned into advantages. The differences in level changes and perception can add interest, and are excellent for things like rock gardens and cascading streams.
Pornchai Gardens can assist you with sloping designs are also with re-landscaping your garden if required.
Similarly, if […]

Formal and Informal Thai Garden Design

Formal Thai Gardens and Informal Thai Gardens
If you are the type of person that prefers tidyness and order, you would probably be more suited to a more formal style of garden.
Formal gardens usually take a little more maintenance but are perfect for the more involved gardener. It is essential at the early stages of the design to decide […]


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