Pots and Urns

Browse our collection of Pots and Urns, available for delivery throughout Thailand, Asia and the Rest of the World.

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Tall Concrete Planter 1
Size: 30×10 inch (approx)
Weight: 10 kilo
Price: 800 THB
Mid Concrete Planter 1
Size: 24×10 inch (approx)
Weight: 8 kilo
Price: 800 THB
Short Concrete Planter 1
Size: 16×8 inch (approx)
Weight: 8 kilo
Price: 800 THB


DSC03203 DSC03204 DSC03208
Red Speckled Pot 1
Size: 16×8 inch (approx)
Weight: 8 kilo
Price: 1000 THB
White Circlular Pot 1
Size: 14×9 inch (approx)
Weight: 9 kilo
Price: 1600 THB
Ornamental Urn 1
Size: 34×14 inch (approx)
Weight: 20 kilo
Price: 2000 THB


Concrete Fountain / Angel
Size: 34×20 inch (approx)
Weight: 26 kilo
Price: 2800 THB

Delivery and shipping prices vary. Delivery within ‘Bangkok’ is included in the shown price. Delivery to other parts of Thailand vary in price, so please email ben@thaigardendesign.com for more information.

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