Popular Thai Palm Tree – Bismarkia Nobilis

bismarkia nobilis The Bismarkia Nobilis is a very distinctive bluey green leaved palm that stands out on any Thai or tropical landscape. When grown in the wild they can grow to a huge size, up to 40 feet tall, but they also survive well in pots, where they grow to more modest heights. 

They thrive in full sun, can survive prolonged periods without water, and are generally as tough as they come. If you have a large garden, a fully grown Bismarkia can offer lots of shade and seclusion, as well as a great focal point to give visitors some 'wow' factor.

The Bismarkia is originally native to Madagascar, now thriving across Thailand and South East Asia.

Their strong features, thick trunk and unusually spikey appearance make them an incredibly popular palm on any Thai landscape.

2 thoughts on “Popular Thai Palm Tree – Bismarkia Nobilis”

  1. I have always really loved the look of these trees, it makes me feel as though i am in a tropical setting when I see these trees around. I feel like it is time for a vacation on the beach or something.

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