Pond Liner Installation in Thailand and Cool Sala for Pranburi Home

This recently completed project involved several key components, the main one being the planning and implementation of a large pond liner installation in Thailand (Pranburi district). The owners were interested to improve their garden landscape by designing the pond so that water wasn’t lost during dry spells. The best way would be to line the pond with HDPE material (0.50cm thick). 

garden tropical landscaping ideas
The team fully excavate the pond to it’s natural level

Other parts of the project involved a large decked area, overhanging an existing pond, relaxation sala (with electrical included) and a rework of the garden and sprinkler system.

pond liner in thailand
The new liner will allow the pond to stay full throughout the year

After the design phase, the team booked a date, and got to work. Layers of sodden clay were removed from the bottom and sides of the pond graded, to give a harder surface. The liner was then attached, by pouring a layer of concrete at the top of the pond. The liner was secured underneath the concrete, with soil and grass over the top, concealing this join.

garden and balcony designer
Cool new Pond Sala and Decking

Thai Sala and Decking Construction

Before this, the framework for the sala was built, with wide concrete footings installed at the foot of the pond, so the sala and deck are able to overhang to pond. Concrete steps were also built to the side, leading down into, and out of the pond. These are mainly for safety. 

decking designs in thailand
The final raised decking and sala look great in this tropical backdrop

The sala various options of roofing material were offered, and the decking is completed with floor lights. Electrical socket points and fan are located within the sala. 

If you have a need for Pond Liner Installation in Thailand, custom sala or decking designs, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Thai Garden Design today for more information on how to build the tropical garden of your dreams!


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