Planning your new Thai garden (1) – The Wish List

Over the next few weeks, this site will compile some essential home
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d to help you really get the best out of your new garden design.

If it's time for you to plan your new garden, then you should start by compiling a wish list of all the elements of the new design you would like to include.

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1. Make a wish list before you attempt a design. Although it's possible that not all elements and features will be completely catered for in the end result, the wish list is essential in your initial planning phase, helping you to clearly visualise your new garden.

2. Everybody is different, so note which features are essential to you, and ensure these are the top of the list. When you create your list, make a note of which features are Essential, Important, and Desirable, and rank accordingly.

3. Never let existing features dictate your garden unless you have absolutely no choice. For instance, although you may be restricted on space, there is no need to build your design around existing paths / walls etc that are easily redesigned or removed.

4. Don't rush your wish list. Take your time. Survey other gardens, think about storage, places to relax, shade, water features and how you intend to use your garden and for what purposes.

5. Take into account the seasons and how they vary and time scales, and don't just design for preferred seasons. If it mainly cold, or rains a lot, plan covered areas and heating. If it is hot, think about water features and shade.

6. Finally, let your imagination run wild. Don't restrict yourself. Really try to visualise your perfect outdoor space, and plan accordingly.

(Picture above, Pornchai Garden workers building a new gazebo for a client in Suphanburi, Thailand).

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