New Lawn and Garden For Pattaya Resident

The Thai Garden Design team recently cleared 2 rai of land for a customer in Pattaya whose garden had grown out of control during their absense; they were interested in selling one of the plots to a potential buyer.

landscapinge in pattaya garden

The customer complained that the overgrown grass and weeds were full of pests and snakes. Walking through the undergrowth was a daily chore and the owner wanted both entire two plots completely cleared of all undergrowth, and to be replaced with a flat new lawn.

garden design pattaya thailand

The project took 10 days, with both plots brought back to normal once again; with views of the home that were previously impossible.

garden thailand

Tree roots were completely removed from the soil, and both plots thouroughly treated prior to new grass being installed. The ground was also properly rolled to give a smooth lawn.

lawn thailand

With good sun exposure, some maintenance, and plenty of water, this new lawn will flourish, leaving the old weedy garden a distant memory. The plot sold a month after the clearance.

If your garden in Thailand requires a new lawn, you've come to the right place, email [email protected] for a friendly chat or call 083 885 9304.

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