New Landscaped Garden in Bangkok

Thai Garden Design, Thailand's Favourite Landscaping Company, were called to a large garden in Bangkok which suffered from a few of the usual suspects – bad grass, lack of attractive planting, dry, and unappealing. The English owner was interested in creating a lush, colourful, tropical walkway along the three sides of his raised pool terrace.

tropical garden bangkok

The garden design team created a new plan and planting list for the owner, and upon agreement the new design was installed, complete with a new sprinkler system throughout to ensure the continued health of the plants and grass.

bangkok garden design

Rock and pebble borders, a new sleeper pathway, and some traditional Thai pots and water jars were also included in the new design, transforming the walkway.

thai garden ornaments and water jars

Do you own a garden in Thailand? Does it need some TLC? A new design? A new theme? Whatever the requirements, give [email protected] a shout for free assistance and advice.

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