New Landscaped Garden for Pattanakarn Resident

A new, large modern home had just been built in the Pattanakarn district in Bangkok. The owner was at the stage where all construction was being finalised, and now wanted to make a new pleasant garden scape to match the new home.. (view all the before and after photos here)

landscaped garden bangkok

All the existing earth had to be properly landscaped so that the overall area was flat. Banks were also built up in areas that were previously left too low, and new pathways were created.

thai landscaped garden design

A new planting scheme was advised on, designed and planted. Suitable grass was installed throughout the large garden, and a complete sprinkler system was also built to ensure the continued health of the new grass and plants.

garden landscape thailand

Pornchai Garden have been designing tropical gardens for over 20 years. We have a landscaping team that can innovate and build all types of Thai garden feature, from tropical rock waterfalls to traditional wooden sala's and pergolas. Our portfolio and clients are wide and varied, and we take on all types of garden job from the very small to the very large.

landscaped garden in bangkok garden pebbles

If you have a garden landscape in Thailand and are looking for a reliable, professional, friendly and cost effective landscaping service, look no further you are in the right place, email [email protected] or call 080 655 8110 for an informal chat about your ideas.

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