New Improved Waterfall for Thai Garden

The Thai Garden Design recently visited and improved this waterfall at a residence in Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Kahn. The rocks were previously positioned in an unattractive way, pointing upwards and generally not very natural looking. The team took down the old waterfall and re-positioned the large boulders, and along with some planting the waterfall looks 'right' and is a vast improvement on the old design.

thailand garden

Other improvements were made to the filtration system, aeration and general planting around the pond and garden (see pergola post here).


This Thai garden is now a picture to behold! Picture above right shows the area behind the waterfall,which was cleaned out and improved with pebbles and pavers to give much easier and more attractive access.

rock waterfall pond thailand

So if your garden isn't quite meeting it's potential, what are you waiting for? Give Thai Garden Design a call on 083 885 9304 (English) or 086 405 5571 (Thai). If any problems getting through please use the email address details at our contact page here.

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