Modern Thai Style Sala’s in Bangkok

Thai Garden Design recently finished this interesting new project in the heart of Bangkok for Expat homeowners. The customer required a raised extension of their back garden terrace, which was 0.50 cm above ground level (requiring steps to get from the home to the garden level). The idea was to build a raised terrace, connected to a raised modern Thai style sala ; which would therefore act as a natural extension of the home. The team got to work.

tropical garden landscaping

The sala itself was to measure 4.0 x 5.0m, so not a small space, and, the tiling work for the terrace extension had to match the existing terracotta floor tiles, whereas the tiles inside of the sala were long, imitation wood tiles.

sala thai thailand

The roof is modern, split double level, with conwood rafters and real wood interior supports and columns. The columns are cylindrical and real wood, reclaimed, sanded and painted.

tropical garden gazebo

The sala is also kitted out with four modern down lights, and a sleek looking fan, for keeping the breeze going during hot evenings. Also wooden privacy walls align the top of each side of the roof, and the whole of one side is blocked by a privacy wall to keep out heavy sunshine.

landscaping thailand

Lastly, large changes were also made to the customers garden, with improved wider pathways, defined beds and improved planting, new grass and plants, and extensive rock gardens in shade areas. If you live in Thailand and would like to see major changes to your current garden landscape, contact Thai Garden Design for more information.

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