Low Maintenance Garden in Bangkok

Thai Garden Design recently designed and built this attractive low maintenance garden for a client's parents. The client explained that her parents were elderly, and really wanted a new modern garden that wouldn't require much maintenance.

low maintenance garden design bangkok

To start with, the existing garden was very uneven, with lots of bumpy grass and a few individual plants that looked out of place and alone. The team started by stripping the grass back to bare earth and flattening and levelling the soil.

bangkok garden designer

Once the correct underlay was installed, new rocks, pebbles and pathways were laid, along with a water pond feature, with waterfall, a new Thai sala, bamboo fences and an assortment of attractive trees and a new planting scheme. The pond feature was equipped with filter and pump, and a light switch was added inside the sala to give light at night.

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The team also designed and installed new plant beds and attractive pot arrangements to ensure this low maintenance garden a winner with the client and her parents, who now enjoy the garden with a minimal need for work and maintenace.

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4 thoughts on “Low Maintenance Garden in Bangkok”

  1. Great article and the images look incredible. A lot can go into garden landscaping and it is very time consuming. I hired Oak Park Water Garden to do mine and they did a fantastic job. I had some ideas of how I wanted it laid out but they took control and the outcome was outstanding. I can finally look out by back door and be happy with the way it looks now.

  2. Great article you really did transform this space into quite a landscaped garden oasis, I really enjoy looking at it. While I do admit I work for McGraw Hill I will say I have never seen such a more complete directory of landscape edging products and services as I have on this site, quite cool.

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