Lipstick Palm (Cyrtostachys Renda) – หมากแดง

The Lipstick Palm (a.k.a Red Sealing Wax Palm, or Thai Mark Daeng หมากแดง) is a stunningly attractive feathery palm with a vivid red smooth trunk. It is an extremely popular addition within holiday resorts and hotel garden landscapes simply for it’s great colour and and height (mature they grow to around 6m).

lipstick palm หมากแดง

They are easy to maintain in tropical temperatures, but are unlikely to survive in colder climes. They prefer to have filtered sun exposure and lots of water. They are a must for all tropical palm lovers and enthusiasts, simply for their majestic beauty.

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1 thought on “Lipstick Palm (Cyrtostachys Renda) – หมากแดง”

  1. those palm trees are beautiful. I wish we had those growing here. the palms that grow here aren’t very attractive and grow in many different directions making them unmanageable.

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