Landscape Design for Bangkok Garden

Many Bangkok homes have roomy gardens, with various spaces around the back and sides of the house. When you first move into a Bangkok home you may have some ideas about how you'd like them to finish up… But because of commitments and time constraints you don't quite get round to improving the garden… Sometimes homeowners may spend years putting up with a garden that might be a bit of 'an eyesore', or a wasted opportunity.

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That's where we come in. We've been designing and installing gardens of all sizes and purposes throughout Thailand for over twenty years.

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We're expert at taking on board all your requirements, and turning them into a fully prepared garden design. Once you're happy with the design and costs, your dream garden is only a short distance away.

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Because we take out all the hassle of turning your once dull garden into a refreshing and welcoming place to spend time in. We're expert at planning innovative planting patterns, different grass types, sprinkler systems and garden buildings, plus, our inhouse team always participate in the design, to help create and build all required elements.

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If your garden in Thailand could do with some cost effective expert advice, contact Thai Garden Design or email for more information.

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Let us help you to decorate your Thai garden. Browse some of our wonderful Thai garden features here.



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