Jungle Style Landscaped Garden at Riverside, Bangkok Transformation

The Thai Garden Design team recently designed for this large compound in a well-known estate in Central Bangkok. The owner was interested in a garden makeover, to create a Jungle Style Landscaped Garden for his home.

thailand landscaping company
Landscape preparation and tree removal

The existing garden was a little bare, with many expired trees, and unwanted vegetation, and sunken ground levels.

tropical garden designs
This landscape is now a blank canvas, with a long way to go

The grass was worn or depleted, and heavy shade dominated large parts of the landscape, meaning nothing could grow.

landscaping in bangkok, thailand
Earth needed to be levelled and some removed from the large garden

The first task was to remove all unwanted stumps, trees and clean up. Large amounts of earth were required to build up the garden level.

jungle garden styles
The team work to design the new layout of this landscape

Earth was spread across the garden area, over 800 sqm, from front to back, and then topped with finer soil, and a sand course. 

tropical planting in thailand
Plants arrive and are distributed across this large garden

A large plant list was drawn up and discussed, to include exotics, ground covers, hardy tropical foliage, screening plants (for privacy) and new trees. 

thai garden designs and installation
The original plan that was submitted, which altered as the project progressed

Earth had also sunken so low that large areas of the side of the house were exposed, giving opportunity for pests, reptiles and unwanted animals to take up residence under the home. These gaps were concerted, sealed, and then earth brought up to the correct level.

bangkok landscape architect and design
Pathway stones now lead to the river and the side, with tropical trees and plants which will thrive over time

A Jungle-Style Garden

The team designed the garden with a plan in hand, but also ‘in real-time’ to ensure the best results were achieved. During the project there were times that additional plants were requested, to bulk up planting in key areas. 

bangkok garden designer
The new lawn has lifted this unique river view

Plants were distributed evenly and with the overall goals of the owner in mind, to create a Jungle Style Landscaped Garden towards the entrance and parking areas of the home, and a more open style landscape towards the riverside area of the garden.

bangkok landscape garden
The new garden is a complete transformation …

New lawns were laid, compacted and rolled. July is a good time of year to install new grass, being that the extra rainfall helps the grass to take root on the soaked soil. 

garden designs thailand
Vibrant colours and ground covers decorate the pathway to the back of the plot

The new jungle landscape towards the middle of the home is a complete transformation, from what was a bare, infertile looking garden, to what is now a colourful collection of tropical foliage of colour and levels. 

garden designs
Different heights, colours and foliage create a dramatic new entrance garden

Various ground covers decorate the stone pathway, including spider lily, fishtail ferns, red gingers, hibiscus and oleanders. To create privacy, the team employed heliconia and lipstick palms, which complemented well with the existing palms.

tropical thailand garden design
Unique planted tropical pathways now lead to all areas of the landscape

The new garden is a beautiful display of tropical plants and grass. If you require a new landscape design for your property in Thailand, with installation services also offered by a professional team, then get in touch with Thai Garden Design today!


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