Tropical Landscaped Waterfall Garden for Villa in Hua Hin

This transformation is one of our biggest successes. Having completed the neighboring villa garden a few month prior, the owner was so pleased that he contracted Thai Garden Design to design and install this unique Tropical Landscaped Waterfall Garden next door.

landscape designs in thailand
Amazing Before and After pic of the garden 

The new plot was large and was to included a number of landscaping elements and features. A landscape design was drawn up and team started.

garden designers in thailand
Landscape Planning, by Thai Garden Design

At the head of the new design would be a rock waterfall pond, complete with filtration system and timers. Around this, tropical trees would be planted out so that much of the wall was covered. 

hua hin gardener
The finished garden looks like a tropical paradise

Resort Style Landscaping

The owner required a large stone terrace beside the house, where friends could relax and use the space for social occasions. 

beautiful thai gardens
The new garden is finished, and looks like a high end Thai resort

All plants, shrubs and palms were discussed and chosen for their low maintenance properties. 

thailand waterfall pond builder
An amazing tropical pond at the head of the new garden

A mix of hardscape and softscape surfaces and treatments would break up the garden, which in the end would resemble a tropical resort style landscape. Meandering pathways, lush green grass, planted beds and the waterfall decorate the landscape. 

tropical hardscape and softscape
The terrace leads right up to the tropical pond

A second stone terrace was build beside the waterfall.  Overhead tree cover was planned to absorb the sun should visitors want to be close to the pond.

tropical garden designs
The stone terrace acts as a jump off, from home to tropical garden

All Garden Areas Covered

The plant selection is a good mix of hardy tropical shrubs like sago palms, variegated schleffera, various grasses and ferns. Areca palms, bottle neck palms and dracaena loureiri make up the taller tree types. 

hua hin landscape gardenerThe whole garden is kept healthy and watered daily by an automatic sprinkler system, installed by the team. The team also supplied and installed some very attractive terrace pots and potted plants (catalog here) to finish off the roof terrace design, and with glazed black and white pebble effect to complete the view!

villa landscaped garden
The bare garden area, several weeks before later it is unrecognizable

This Tropical Landscaped Waterfall Garden is a joy to behold, an excellent complement to this amazing new villa. If you are in need of a professional, friendly and hassle free landscaping team, contact Thai Garden Design, we will take your project from inception to completion. 


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