Improving your Side Garden at your House in Thailand

Many side gardens at houses in Thailand are designed and executed by the building companies responsible for the house… Often you find that, not a lot of thought goes into them; and many times there is hardly any difference between one or another. In many examples, grass is also poor, and planting beds are rudimentary or dull.

landscaped garden pattaya

In this example above, taken at a home in Pattaya, the owner was fed up with the side garden. The paving type was awkward to use, the grass was thin and patchy, and the side planting was samey samey and not very exciting. So the Thai Garden Design Team arrived and got to work.

garden designer bangkok

This side garden has improved dramatically with more colourful and interesting planting, and a new grass type has been introduced that is thicker and greener. The paving was also replaced with a laterite chess-board design that is nice to look at, hard wearing, and very easy to walk on.

Simple changes can make big improvements. If your garden or landscape in Thailand can do with a fresh garden design and some new improved garden features, talk to for a friendly consultation on your requirements.

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