Improving Garden and Landscape Drainage in Bangkok

With the arrival of the wet seasons, garden and landscape drainage in Bangkok and all Thai towns becomes evident. In this latest example at a Central Bangkok Condomium Complex, the roof gardens were flooding badly, and a solution was needed.

The landscape is excavated and a network of sub drains installed


Drainage Issues are a common problem in Bangkok

The Thai Garden Design team designed a network of PE pipeworks and sub-drains and excavated them into position across the problem areas. Higher areas therefore wash run off into the subdrains, which are themselves linked to the main city drains.

A network of drains now feed to the city drains

The pipes are covered with a filter mesh, and fine gravel. This in effect creates a network of ‘mini french drains’, helping to evacuate the water more efficiently and speedily. Even if the city drains become full themselves, during periods of heavy rain, the water has only one way to go (off the garden). This helps the surrounding plants and grass immensely, as they don’t become overly waterlogged, or ‘drowned’ in a poorly drained landscape.

The Drains are finally covered in filter mesh, gravel and topped with sand

The installed drains had an immediate impact on the roof gardens at the Condominium, with heavy rains being drained away quickly and with very little flooding.

If you are experiencing drainage problems in your Thai home or business, contact us here at Thai Garden Design for assistance.


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