New Rock Garden Transformation, for Hua Hin Family …

Thai Garden Design recently met with this local Hua Hin family to help them transform their family garden. Like many gardens here in Thailand, the grass was a little bumpy, uneven and generally needing some ideas. The family stated how much they’d like to improve the look from their nice pool terrace, and so the team made some suggestions and recommendations, and within a few days got to work!

A transformed garden ….

The Thai Garden team stripped off the top layer of turf, leveled and compacted, and installed an imported geotextile fabric to keep future weeds at bay. A large circle of real grass was left for the family dog.

A new welcoming entrance into the new garden …

With a mix of different types of stepping stone pavers, multi-coloured pebbles, and a small selection of low maintenance plants, a new low maintenance garden was completed.

The family are now able to sit comfortably at their pool terrace and enjoy the improved view! This new pebble garden is designed to be minimal maintenance, very popular with foreign families who don’t want to spend hours in the sun and heat, pulling weeds!

The new garden offers up vibrant colours

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