Custom Built Water Filtration Feature for Courtyard Garden

The Thai Garden Design team recently designed and constructed this unique water feature within a courtyard garden at a family home in Hua Hin, Prauchuap Khiri Kahn, Thailand. The owners had previously had a courtyard pond installed that matched with the modern Thai home, but the contractor had failed to install a filtration system. Several exterior units had been installed, but were not effective in combating the algae, meaning that within a short amount of time the water quality deteriorated and meant that the pond became something of an eyesore.

new pond thailand
Filtration system for ponds thailand

The team devised a filter housing that consisted of several types of filter medium, meaning the water was pulled in from the pond and up through various chambers, filtering the pond water. The top chamber consisted of several UV lamps which will help to kill algae, before the water is returned back to the pond.

Pond solutions thailand
Majestic Pond Feature, with Filtration taking place inside …

Copying and matching the design of the pond, the filter unit / water feature is impressive in it’s own right, making a very nice central feature to all who visit the home. The pump is housed centrally within the walls of the feature, so there is no need for cabling within the main body of the pond. Some attractive water plants were also placed within the water, adding some vibrant colour to this newly improved courtyard garden.

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