Concrete Sett Paving for Driveways – Bangkok

This latest post shows some of the progress being made at an Expat project in Bangkok. The team just recently completed the driveway – a nice concrete sett pattern of eight and four sided blocks to give a very smoothe and balanced symettry. At a later stage, the driveway will also be sealed with epoxy paint, so that water and dirt marks take longer to penetrate, keeping the driveway looking better for longer.

concrete driveway bangkok

The whole driveway area had to be raised with earth and sand and then a type 2 aggregate mix layer was spread and compacted. A poured, reinforced concrete border surrounds the drive to keep the sett blocks even and firmly in place.

concrete sett paving bangkok

This house project includes two guest houses located away from the main building, and so after construction is complete the team will move in to finish the landscaping and planting to really complete the whole picture (posts at a later date)

driveway company thailand

The new driveway has made this project accessible and given real definition to the entire landscape. If you’re building your housing project or development in Thailand and could use a hand with the design and install of the landscaping, contact Thai Garden Design.

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