Wonderful Tropical Landscaped Garden, in Hua Hin, Thailand

The team at Thai Garden Design finished this project for a couple in Hua Hin, Thailand. This Wonderful Tropical Landscaped Garden was in need of professional help, not only with the planting and tree design, but also extra lighting and an improvement to the existing sprinkler set up.

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Beautiful Tropical Living, in Thailand

The couple spend their time between Europe and Thailand, after a long gap away, they wanted to return to a new paradise garden, so they contacted Thai Garden Design to make this dream come true. 

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Tropical paradise garden

The team visited and surveyed, and recommended a comprehensive variety of new palms, shrubs and trees, as well as pathway materials.

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Amazing palms in Thailand

The team got to work and over a period of 10 days, transformed this once humdrum garden into a tropical delight.

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Amazing Landscaped Garden in Hua Hin

The design team complemented the existing trees with decorative rock gardens, new grasses, colorful hardy shrubs and new palms.

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Tropical Lifestyles, in Thailand

The resulting garden is a beautiful array of tropical foliage and natural material. The couple, who enjoy sitting in their outdoor terrace, are thrilled with the new display. It is a drastic improvement to their home. 

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Amazing tropical gardens

If you own a home or business in Thailand, and you are looking to improve your garden space, you’ve found us. Contact Thai Garden Design today, to design and build your Wonderful Tropical Landscaped Garden in Thailand.


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