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Here are some shots from an older job undertaken by the team in Hua Hin, Thailand, for a large Waterfall pond which took centre stage for an empty plot adjacent to the owners house. The waterfall took up around 100 sqm in total, with the surrounding planting and features taking up a fair portion of the rest.

landscaped garden thailand

(Picture above: An ornamental bench sits at the front of the pond). The naturally shaped pond was designed and installed by the Thai Garden Design team; the waterfall itself stands around 2.0m high, and gives off an amazing noise and power when in full motion.

tropical gardens in thailand

At the far end of the pond, facing the main part of the waterfall, lies a rustic wooden Thai sala, for sitting and enjoying the full view of the main body of water and the surrounding features.

landscaping in thailand

Keeping fish was an important reason behind the installation of the pond, and so shelves were built into the sides, allowing easy access into and out of the pond, but also so the fish can swim up to the surface (the pond itself is over a meter / 3 feet deep).

tropical waterfall garden hua hin

(Picture above: View of the waterfall and pond from inside the sala). The finished garden is now a very nice place to relax, invite and host friends, and enjoy the Thai climate and wildlife. If you are interested in developing an amazing garden at your home in Thailand, contact Thai Garden Design.

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