Vertical Green Garden Wall for St Andrews International, Bangkok

The Thai Garden Design recently partnered with St Andrews International School, Bangkok Sukhumvit, to help them install this ‘Secret Garden‘ for students to learn about planting techniques as part of their overall learning. The second phase of the project was to install two large, long green walls at key areas within the grounds…

tropical landscaping bangkok
Framework now added

Low Maintenance is King

The main vertical garden project was in the children’s canteen, to mask an otherwise normal white wall with a rainbow of colours and vibrant foliage, which would also assist in muffling the sound from the canteen whilst being used by the children.

vertical gardens thailand
A huge difference and impact within the School

The wall was firstly measured and steel framework installed from which to hang the holding baskets / soil reservoir for the potted plants.

landscaping bangkok green wall
Amazing colours …

A colour low maintenance plant selection was drawn up and agreed, so the wall would need minimal maintenance moving forward.

green wall gardens in thailand
Different Colours and Layers make this Beautiful Green Wall

The framework also housed the irrigation pipes, with a timer connected to the water supply, so at certain times during the day the plants would get sufficient water, again helping to minimize upkeep and reliance on workers to manually water the plants.

tropical vertical gardens
This long Vertical plant wall looks great

The green walls have really helped the inner areas of the school. Easily maintainable, wonderful colours, automatic watering. From time to time the school can easily ‘swap out’ certain plants and add additional ones, to completely change the colourful patterns as and when they wish.

For more information about how to install your own personalized vertical garden, talk to the Thai Garden Design team for a tailored solution, all sizes and locations possible ….


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