New Planting Garden for Students at St Andrews International School (Bangkok Sukhumvit)

The Thai Garden Design team recently partnered with St Andrews International School, Bangkok Sukhumvit, to design a new planting garden for students to use, sit and socialize.

The old space was not very attractive

The area was a triangular shaped space, which was unused, more of a pot storage area that had been left over time. The focus was to make this space an attractive area, where students can find a quiet nook to read or chat, with other students or teachers.

New planting garden for students at the school

Large hardwood planting bins were located throughout the space (pic below), where lessons on the growth behaviour of different plant species can be studied. The planters are lined with HDPE, protecting the wood.

The old concrete floor, and exposed earth areas were cleaned up and attractive rock and pebble gardens were installed, adding colour and variety to the new look. Some of the greenery from the previous garden was saved and planted around the perimeter.

Other features include some large rock boulders, feature plants, spaced benches and a good sized sitting table and chairs.

Towards the back of the space, a glazed water pot signifys the end of the new garden, a gentle trickling of water adding to the overall calm of the area, yet this nestled within the centre of a bustling school atmosphere.

Another successful installation by the Thai Garden Design team. If your home, company or organization is in need of a professional landscaping team, you’ve found us. Contact Thai Garden Design today.


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