Tropical Planted Green Wall Design at Heathfield International School, Bangkok

The Thai Garden Design team were commissioned by the Heathfield International School in Bangkok to design and build this wonderful 30m Tropical Planted Green Wall Design, at the entrance to their Campus in Central Bangkok.

landscape vertical garden thailand
The steel frame is set in position, with irrigation tubing installed

The school management were interested in creating a statement at the front of the campus. As they had a long outdoor wall, it seemed sensible to create something ‘naturally dramatic’, where the children could learn about the maintenance and different types of tropical foliage. 

vertical garden green wall bangkok
The wall begins to take a nice shape and colour

The Perfect Statement Feature, for Homes, Business & Resorts

Thai Garden Design advised on the different types of tropical plants that could make up the decorative part of the wall: a collection of grasses, ferns, bromeliads, all with strong and low maintenance properties. 

green wall designer bangkok
The wall has been built and the new plants are being installed

To start the team installed a steel framework that would house an irrigation tubing system, to automatically take care of watering of the plants every morning and afternoon.

green wall vertical gardens in thailand
The plants are hardy, low maintenance and suited to the light levels

Canvas style bags that allow the flow of water were pinned to the frame and filled with soil, and then the decorative plants selected and designed to create some wonderful natural planting patterns. 

beautiful garden designs
A wonderful array of tropical plants and fauna

When complete, the results were stunning, and the Heathfield School now enjoys a natural green wall, which is fully adaptable with plants being able to be removed and changed as required. 

garden designer thailand
The finished green wall is a wonderful tapestry of tropical plants

If you’re office space, entrance, school, hotel or business has a bare wall or space, then why not consider installing a Tropical Planted Green Wall, they are easy enough to maintain and can make a real positive impact for all visitors and residents to the space. Contact Thai Garden Design for more information. 


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