Amazing Jungle Landscape Design Revealed at Bubble in the Forest Café

Thai Garden Design recently partnered and completed this amazing  jungle landscape design for ‘Bubble in the Forest‘ café, located in Nakhon Pathom, on the outskirts of Bangkok.

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The team arrive and begin with the land preparation and tree installation

A large array of tropical plants and trees were required to complete this conceptual design. Parts of the café were to be heavily built up and planted in a layered jungle style, of different shrubs, ground covers and exotic foliage. 

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Trees are hoisted with large cranes, into their correct locations

Garden Design from Concept to Completion

The first task was to source the correct trees at the appropriate heights. Here at Thai Garden Design we have our own stocks of trees, plus good relations with many other suppliers throughout Thailand.

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Beautiful foliage and colors decorate this exciting new concept

Working in tandem with the construction team, pathways were laid, soil areas were built up, trees were delivered and planting beds were planned. Gradually this unique landscape began to take shape. 

thai landscaping company
A decorative stone path cuts through these pink oleanders

The resulting gardens a wonderful collection of colorful exotic plants, grass and modern style dining cabins, surrounding a lake area. 

tropical landscaping ideas
Drone shot of the Bubble in the Forest Café

The  Bubble in the Forest is something that is incredibly special. Unique in itself, a brilliant photo opportunity for all patrons. We highly recommend it.

tropical garden plans
Features decorate the vast landscape

The job itself was planned and executed in full by the team in just 6 weeks. The final results can be evidenced by these amazing pictures!

garden tropical landscaping ideas
Curving gravel pathways cuts through this new garden area

For anyone interested to visit ‘The Bubble in the Forest’ Cafe, just enter the same into Google Maps, and you will see its location. The new landscape and this café concept itself are a unique sight and experience. 

tropical landscaping thailand
The Bubble in the Forest

If you have a business, restaurant, hotel, office or resort in Thailand and you are looking to impress all your visitors, then talk to Thai Garden Design about ways to improve your garden, or create your own jungle landscape design.


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