Transformed into a Tropical Garden Oasis

The first picture below shows a couple's garden in Hua Hin, Thailand, before the home was finished and the garden had been installed. Being a working couple, they spend long times away from their home, and so wanted the garden designed and installed by professionals, rather than left to the building company. The garden was completed in a number of stages, this section being one of the last to be installed.

garden designer hua hin thailand

The garden itself is shaded by established outer trees, and so the planting list needed to reflect this. All the plants chosen are suited to these conditions. The team installed a rock garden of dark brown and blue grey river pebbles, with imitation sleeper pavers, to ensure the garden is as low maintenance as possible.

landscaped tropical gardens thailand bangkok

(Picture above: Bird's nest fern, Boston fern, Sansevieria and the 'elephant ears' of Alocasia macrorrhiza make up some of the foliage running along the fenceline). There are also several feature pots interspersed along the walkway, and at one end a 'kinaree' Thai statuette, which acts as a subtle focal point, amongst the tropical planting.

garden designs thailand hua hin

(Picture above: Ladypalms, Fan palms, Red ginger (Alpinia purpurata) and the light whiskers of Ophiopogon make up the backdrop to this garden feature). The team agreed a design with the customers, and the garden was installed in just three days (thanks to good planning). This meant that when the couple returned from work abroad, everything was completed for them, hassle free.

thailand garden designs

If you're interested in getting your garden professionally designed and landscaped in Thailand, contact Thai Garden Design for more information.

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