Beautiful Thai-Style Garden Waterfall (and pond)

The Thai Garden team recently completed this attractive waterfall design for a client in central Thailand. The pond curves around the base of a large tree, with the feature actually consisting of 2 waterfalls at either side.

The waterfall and sides are built using a natural mountain rock, together with a diverse and interesting planting scheme.

artificial waterfall

The experience and knowledge of the team ensure that every build of this kind is a creative and artistic mix of rock, timber and plant life. Cycas palms, different types of fern, plus heloconia make up some of the plant selection, which was completely chosen by the design team.. Fish were also introduced to the pond to give the feature some real life.

waterfall in the garden

A wooden landing deck is present at one side of the feature, allowing space for a table and chairs.

artificial waterfall thailand

If you’re looking to improve your garden in Thailand, consider adding a waterfall and pond; they are a timeless part of any landscape. Contact [email protected] for a friendly chat / consultation.

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