Roof Terrace Improvements for a City Townhouse in Bangkok …

This Roof Terrace garden in the centre of Bangkok had potential. Situated on the fourth floor at the top of a unique townhouse, the views of this park of the city below are a rarity… However, this roof terrace wasn’t exactly inviting, and so the owner called Thai Garden Design to discuss options.

This roof terrace had potential …..

After a design consultation, a proposal was agreed and the team got to work. A nice mix of green bamboo, and Macarthur palms gives some height to the garden, and blocks out the opposite building to a good extent, making the space a little more private. Low maintenance planting was planned on all sides, with creeper plants trained up the numerous metallic railings and slatted trellis.

The new plants really help to ‘wow’ this roof terrace …

The planting has breathed new life into this unique space, ensuring the owner enjoys more time in his roof terrace garden for relaxation and social occasions.

This vibrant green wall is a nice touch to the space …

A pleasant, low maintenance green wall was also installed at the entrance doorway to the area, giving immediate impact for all who visit. If you need help to ‘green up’ certain areas of your landscape in Thailand, well done, you’ve found us! Contact the Thai Garden Design team for more information.



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