Renovated Balcony Garden for Bangkok Office

Thai Garden Design recently partnered with Paleo Robbie, a great new food delivery service offering healthy paleo food to all those within reach of Bangkok. Their new office premises includes a first floor balcony, left unused, mainly due to a bleak cement board wall which blocked any light or view from the balcony. The owners at Paleo Robbie described some of their wish list requirements, and the team produced a balcony design, which was accepted, and so the team booked a date, and got to work.

bangkok office balcony gardens

The existing conwood deck was covered over with a new, vibrant artificial grass, instantly making the balcony pleasant underfoot, as well as complimenting the new plant list. The existing A/C units were also covered with a conwood slated wall, hiding them from view.

artificial fake grass bangkok balcony

New concrete pots and planters house a host of new low maintenance plants, which can now survive due to the increased light levels, as the cement board wall was completely removed. The plants list consisted of a well sized Dracaena loureiri (pic above, in the large black pot) plus a colourful array of Bromiliads (above pic, foreground), along with many other plants.

new bangkok balcony garden designs

The new balcony garden also consisted of several potted herbs, lipstick palms, plus various varieties of interesting potted ground covers. A nice water pot feature was also included in the design, with electrics and easily accessible switch inclusive.


Another transformed balcony by the team at Thai Garden Design. If you are interested in improving your balcony garden, home garden, office garden, or indeed any type of garden in Thailand, then contact without delay.

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