Paved Tropical Terrace & Garden for Kuiburi Expat

The Thai Garden Design team just prepared and installed this new tropical garden at a beach home in Kuiburi, Thailand. The garden before installation was a fairly straightforward grass lawn and one dimensional planting, which acted as a barrier between the neighbouring houses.

garden landscaping in thailand

The owner got her garden designed by the Thai Garden team, changing the plants and features over a period of time to suit her tastes and budget. Once the final plan was agreed, the date was booked and the team moved in and installed the garden whilst she was abroad working. The new plants and features are designed to be robust and low maintenance, in keeping with her schedule as she is away from the house for long periods.

tropical thai terrace

The tropical terrace was designed to block views into the garden from the front street of the estate, adding privacy to a paved terrace with large dining table and heavy set wooden benches. The planting scheme has several flowering plant types, as well as heavy greenery, ensuring privacy but with splashes of colour.

landscaped gardens of thailand

The new garden is a success and will be easy to maintain and enjoy over the years. If you're interested in getting your garden designed, contact Thai GARDEN design

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