Ornamental Rock Water Wall, for Courtyard Garden, in Pattaya …

The Thai Garden Design team were invited back to a former customer who wanted to completely change the wall facing their main living quarters. The idea was to create a real masterpiece – an amazing ornamental rock water wall, that would be a great view from their resting space.

The new wall is taking shape …

Creating Custom Made Garden Features

The existing wall was a normal wall, behind a curved pool, about 12.0 meters across. The idea was to build a series of small waterfalls, that would spill into pools along the shelf, spilling then into the pool.

The new feature wall is being constructed …

The team were to connect to the existing pool filters, and so pipework was hidden behind the rock faces of each waterfall.

The wall has been transformed …

Free-flowing Ideas combined with Good Design …

The team used a random cut sandstone to make up the main feature wall, building this upwards gradually, and around existing statues and features already owned by the customer.

The new wall is a great courtyard feature …

A nine-headed Naga statue is at the center of the wall, with grayish female statues at either side, all surrounded by tumbling waterfalls.

Statues and Rocks make a great combination …

Another great success from the Thai Garden Design team. We take on all kinds of projects, from the creative, artistic and downright outlandish! If you have an idea you would like to see brought to life, you’ve found the right partner – contact us for a friendly chat about your requirements.


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