New Lawn Installed at the US Embassy, Bangkok

The team at Thai Garden Design were invited to tender for and install the new lawn at the US Embassy grounds in Bangkok. (We won the tender!).

Ground preparation taking place

Common Tropical Lawn Problems

The existing lawn was bumpy, and prone to water pooling at certain points. Maintenance had not been able to solve, so Thai Garden Design proposed to landscape the existing ground, so that an even grass lawn could be possible.

A mix of earth and sand are used on the top layer

The ground area exceeded 3000 SQM. The team got to work removing the old grass, and re-leveled all with vast quantities of new good quality earth. The team checked the levels with a laser, to ensure water run off would be possible.

The new lawn is in the process of being laid ….

A mixture of sand and topsoil were used as the final layer, and new grass was installed, some shade, but mostly sun loving lawn grass. Best practice and maintenance tips, as well as the appropriate feed were also supplied by the team.

Different types of grass were used depending on light levels

The new lawn is a great improvement on the old landscape, and the Embassy plan to host American football and Soccer contests on the new field.

The new lawn across the grounds looks fantastic …

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