Natural Rock Waterfall in Thailand

Pornchai Garden received some emailed images from a customer in Pathum Thani, Thailand. The customer owns a large, pretty garden, but a particular nook at one corner of the main house building was something of an eyesore.

natural rock pond thailand

The customer wanted this put right, and visualised some ideas to the team of a natural rock pond, with gentle cascading water, some greenery, and an island remaining at the centre with the existing plants kept in tact.

thai rockery bangkok

thailand rockery The resulting change is dramatic. The rocks at the corner apex of the feature are wider, allowing the water to flow over them. The boundaries of the pool have been designed to look natural, and as specified by the owner, the pool has been constructed so that an island remains at the centre, leaving the existing plants intact, and with some extra pebble rocks and ornaments to finish off.

The feature also had spotlights installed, lighting the feature up and making the whole area very picturesque in the evening.

The running water is also controlled by a switch system, meaning it is easily turned on and off, and so it is also possible to add fish to the pool to really add colour and movement to this once ordinary corner.

The whole construction of the feature took less than a week.

Do you have a corner of your garden that could do with fixing up? The prices for features like this one will surprise you. If you need more information on garden design and construction in Thailand, email

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