Tropical Landscaping at the Office and Workplace

Thailand’s tropical climate is perfect for growing plants of all descriptions in the garden, but good quality landscaping need not be confined to the home. Forward thinking businesses offer their employees picture perfect office gardens and planting schemes around the workplace to help them enjoy their time at work.

office landscaping Even the dullest Thai offices can be transformed into a rich tapestry
of natural greenery, utilising Thailand’s climate to speedily grow lush
tropical focal areas, helping to block out grey, concrete wallscape and
monotonous office block patterns.

thai landscaping office No matter how small the plot, green areas and small landscaped regions
help calm the soul, offering a pleasant and cooling effect to all those
hard-working office types, plus, the extra plants and trees are good
for the environment.

office in thailand landscape If you think your offices could do with some extra green areas, don’t delay, Pornchai Garden offer all types of office landscaping, from the inclusion of small ornamental gardens, right through to large scale complete landscaping overhaul and re-design.

Contact them now on Thailand +66 035 581 541 or email [email protected]

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