Landscaping Concrete Pathways

A newly built residential development in Pranburi required connecting pavers, pathways and renewed grass between the soi's and inbetween the villas to give easier access. The pathways needed to be strong enough to take the weight of motorcycles and good levels of foot traffic, and the pathway pavers leading up the doorways needed to be set properly, with earth and grass planted around the sides.

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For the pathway pavers, templates were put together and positioned before concrete was poured. When the concrete began to set, river pebbles were set into the top so the paver looked nice when the concrete finally dried.

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After some time, the grass will grow around the paver, making them look natural and easy to walk on.

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Larger pathways leading up the soi's themselves are a more complicated build, but once finished and set, look good, durable, and are strong enough for the requirements. The final look ensures that the residents of the development are happy they can now easily navigate through the resort.

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